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June 25, 2007: 
Dame of Distinction Award,
Les Dames d'Escoffier Chicago Chapter.

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Sample recipes reprinted from
Hows and Whys of French Cooking
(with Foreword by Andre Simon ). 1998 Edition 
Published by Castle Books, 
a division of Book Sales, Inc.,
114 Northfield Ave., 
Edison, NJ, 08837

Originally published by 
University of Chicago Press, 1974.
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Fine music to accompany fine food! 
Telemann, selections:  1, 2, 3
Phantom of the Opera, selection.
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
La Marseillaise
  • Television Show:  Let's Cook, starring role, 1955.
  • Television Show:  Over Easy, 
  • supporting role, nationally syndicated,
    starring Hugh Downs
  • One of the first Americans to hold the highest degree in cooking from the Cordon Bleu School of Cooking in Paris, France (Grand Diplome, 1956).
  • One of the first American women to be inducted as a full member of the Chevalier du Tastevin and knighted in full regalia in a ceremony at the Clos du Vougeot, in France, in 1962.
  • Hows and Whys of French Cooking, and its predecessor (both with Forewords by Andre Simon and a chapter on wine by George Rezek), is the first French cookbook published by University of Chicago Press, 1974.
  • Let's Cook, a very early television cooking show for children, first of WTTW (telecast from the Museum of Science and Industry) and subsequently by WGN, 1955.
  • A Child's First Cook Book is one of the first children's cookbooks (1950); an four-page photographic essay was devoted to it in Life Magazine (Feb. 12, 1951).
  BIOGRAPHY FROM Who's Who in America, 1997.
Lach, Alma Elizabeth, food and cooking writer, consultant; b. Petersburg, Ill.; d. John H. and Clara E. Satorius, diplome de Condon Bleu, Paris, 1956; m. Donald F. Lach; 1 dau, Sandra Judith; Feature writer Children's Activities mag., 1954-55; creator, performer TV show Let's Cook, children's cooking show, 1955; hostess weekly food program on CBS, 1962-66; performer, TV show Over Easy, PBS, 1977-78; food editor Chgo. Daily Sun-Times, 1957-65; pres. Alma Lach Kitchens Inc., Chgo., 1966---; dir. Alma Lach Cooking Sch., Chgo; lectr. U. Chgo Downtown Coll., Gourmet Inst., U. Md., 1963, Modesto (Calif.) Coll., 1978, U. Chgo., 1981; resident master Shoreland Hall, U. Chgo., 1978-81; food cons. Food Bus. Mag., 1964-66; Chgo.'s New Pump Room, Lettuce Entertain You, Bitter End Resort, Brit. V.I., Midway Airlines, Flying Food Fare, Inc., Berghoff Restaurant, Hans' Bavarian Lodge, Unocal '76, Univ. Club Chgo.; columnist Modern Packaging, 1967-68, Travel & Camera, 1969, Venture, 1970, Chicago mag., 1978, Bon Appetit, 1980, Tribune Syndicate, 1982; inventor: Curly-Dog Cutting Bd., 1995. Recipient Pillsbury award, 1958; Grocery Mfrs. Am. Trophy award, 1959, certificate of Honor, 1961; Chevalier du Tastevin, 1962; Commanderie de l'Ordre des Anysetiers du Roy, 1963; Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, 1964; Les Dames D'Escoffier, 1982; Culinary Historians of Chicago, 1993. Mem. Am. Assn. Food Editors (chmn. 1959). Clubs: Tavern, Quadrangle (Chgo.). Author: A Child's First Cookbook, 1950; The Campbell Kids Have a Party, 1953; The Campbell Kids at Home, 1953; Let's Cook, 1956; Candlelight Cookbook, 1959; Cooking a la Cordon Bleu, 1970; Alma's Almanac, 1972; Hows and Whys of French Cooking, 1974; contrbr. to World Book Yearbook, 1961-75, Grolier Soc. Yearbook, 1962. Home and Office: 5750 S. Kenwood Ave Chicago IL 60637-1744. 
The art of cooking rests upon one's ability to taste, to reproduce taste, and to create taste. To achieve distinction the cook must taste everything, study cookbooks of all kinds, and experiment constantly in the kitchen. I stress in my writing and teaching the logic of food preparation, for the cook who possesses logic, knows how to create dishes rather than being content merely to duplicate the recipes of others

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